Would you like to Volunteer?

NAMI was built by hard working volunteers like yourself. Whether you’d like to help in the office, facilitate a support group, or learn the ropes of legislative advocacy, NAMI Thurston-Mason would love to have you!

Please contact us at (360) 493-6021 or email at office@namitm.org for more information.

Ready to apply? Download NAMI Thurston-Mason volunteer form here. 

We’re always looking for people that are interested in:

* Becoming a program facilitator or presenter
* Lending their expertise to newsletters, social media or fundraising
* Supporting legislative advocacy
* Helping with office work or community outreach

Are you interested in training to teach a NAMI program? Would like to help with supporting events? Contact us for more information!


Already a Volunteer? Track Your Volunteer Hours

Thank you for tracking your volunteer hours! This information is invaluable to our grant applications, and we appreciate you taking the time to document your good work.

“Track it Forward” is a simple application that will help you and the organization track volunteer hours. Here is how it works!

1) Don’t have an account yet? Log in to “Track it Forward” site, click on “get started” and register a user name and password.

2) All that’s left to do is pick the pre-set activity, put in your hours and you’re done! If the activity you are doing does not exactly fit your volunteer category, use the note field. After that it does all the tracking for you! Hours can be placed in the system at your convenience, anywhere…anytime!

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