Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer early for next years NAMI Walks for the Mind of America. NAMI Walks for the Mind of America is a day that seems almost magical, with over a thousand people coming together to learn more about mental illness, develop stronger ties with one another, and celebrate a beautiful day with friends and loved ones.

Volunteers are needed for:

♦  Walk Committee

♦  Event Day Registration

♦  T-shirt Distribution

♦  Volunteer Check-in

♦  Refreshments

♦  Information Booth

♦  Water Station


♦  NAMI Thurston-Mason County Helpline

Respond to requests for information, referral, education, and peer support about and related to serious mental illnesses (requires individual and group training). Both regularly scheduled and back-up volunteers needed.


♦  Speakers

Utilizing NAMI Thurston-Mason County training, speak to the community about mental illness and related issues (requires training).



To volunteer or for more information on volunteering, contact the volunteer coordinator at: